Straight lifting monorail

Straight lifting monorail fixed under slab with special hangers

Straight lifting monorail description

A straight monorail is type of lifting device for moving a load from point A to point B. They are many designations of monorails: beams, suspended beams, IPE, IPN, HEA beams… the principle is the same: to move a load in a straight line by translation along a predefined path. 

Straight monorail assembly

Assembly depends on the configuration of the site. Straight monorails and straight beams are anchored under a concrete slab, under an existing steel structure or under a self-supporting structure. In the case of the self-supporting structure, the couple beam and base assembly is a free-standing structure.

Single monorails / assembled monorails

Depending on the length required to move the load, a monorail is single beam designed or by splice bar assembly.

Types of beams straight monorails

Several beam profiles are available for your straight monorails manufacturing. 

  • IPE steel rails available on different finishing variants such as specific paint with or without metallization or galvanization process choice.
  • Hollow steel rail designed to provide a great flexibility of the trolley steering. This type of rail is dedicated to indoor use in workshops without corrosive atmosphere.
  • Aluminium hollow rail designed for its ergonomic qualities when handling loads in special environments.
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel rail made of reconstituted profile. This type of stainless steel rail is delivered stripped + passivation processed. We can make a microbead-blasting finish for monorails intended for the space sector or food industry.

Attachment systems for straight monorail

Many solutions are available for fixing monorails:

Straight monorail hoist

All monorails can be equipped with manual hoist, electric hoist or air hoists in standard version or specially designed for corrosive areas, clean rooms or ATEX zones (according to regulations). 

Straight monorails and beams inbedded in a lifting structure

ADEI designs and manufactures custom-made structures integrating lifting monorails and suspended beams. According to the context and the specificities of your design brief, we offer you adapted equipments such as: monorail gantry crane on jib support, bridge crane monorail, double-rail gantry with overhead crane, double-rail gantry with suspension crane, fixed handling gantry crane.

Straight monorails options