Aluminium lifting tripod

Aluminium tripod – 250 kg to 3000 kg lifting capacity

Aluminium tripod specifications

Capacity 250 kg 500 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg 3000 kg
Model H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2
Height under lifting hook min 1500 mm 2440 mm 1480 mm 2420 mm 1430 mm 2351 mm 2010 mm 2950 mm 2018 mm 2953 mm
Height under lifting hook max 2486 mm 3426 mm 2466 mm 3406 mm 2420 mm 3338 mm 3000 mm 3936 mm 3004 mm 3940 mm
∅ Opening diameter of the feet mini 1300 mm 1980 mm 1400 mm 2185 mm 1480 mm 2180 mm 2030 mm 2720 mm 2130 mm 2690 mm
∅ Opening diameter of the feet max 2100 mm 2670 mm 2100 mm 2800 mm 2200 mm 2870 mm 2770 mm 3470 mm 2900 mm 3420 mm
Dimensions for transport 1600 mm 2100 mm 1600 mm 2100 mm 1600 mm 2110 mm 2240 mm 3224 mm 2280 mm 3290 mm
Weight 8,9 kg 11,3 kg 13,5 kg 17,2 kg 24,4 kg 31 kg 45,4 kg 54 kg 63,7 kg 74,9 kg

Aluminium tripod description

The aluminium lifting tripod, commonly known as a lifting equipment or telescopic tripod, is a lightweight, transportable and quick set up solution for optimal safely lifting operations in confined vertical areas. Lightweight, stable, easy to assemble and to move, the aluminium tripod is a mobile handling accessory for operations where nothing has been provided for lifting.

Aluminium tripod adjustment

The aluminium lifting tripod is particularly designed for confined workstations areas, thanks to its adjustable height, all-terrains feets, safety chain or belt provided.

Aluminium tripod with lifting hoist and chain

According to your operation tasks, these tripods can be equipped with stainless steel or aluminium body chain manual hoist, electric hoist or pneumatic air hoist. All the hoist can be provided with STAINLESS STEEL lifting chain and / or hook.

Aluminium tripod options

Aluminium tripod dedicated to lift persons

This tripod is designed to lift goods but is not dedicated for lifting persons. If you wish to get a rescue tripod, please go to the « Fall arrest tripod » page.

For safety reasons, a specific range of technical solutions has been designed to meet lifting persons problems. ADEI recommends the utmost caution regarding the dual competence of lifting equipment / lifting persons outlined by some manufacturers. You can ensure the integrity of lifting devices and thus protect yourself against the risks incurred by the use of an unsuitable tripod by a strictly reserved for use of dedicated lifting people equipment.


Our aluminium tripod are provided with CE conformity Certificate.