Electric hoist

Electric lifting hoist Verlinde, Kito, Yale, CMCO, COMEPAL

How to find out your lifting electric hoist solution?

Electric hoists represent a very extensive range of lifting devices. In order to determine the best solution, we take into account all parameters such as use (normal, medium or intensive), rates and the specificities of the work station environment. All these parameters enable us to define in the study the type of hoist to be installed as well as its duty cycle.

Standard electric hoist

Fixed suspend hook, the standard electric hoist is installed on a fixed ring or on the beam at the top of a boom or coupled to a trolley. This configuration is possible if sufficient operating space is ensured.

Short headroom hoists (HPR)

For low headroom applications, the HPR low headroom electric hoists have been designed to increase the lifting height sufficient by reducing the overall dimensions of the hoist body. Usually integrated in a trolley, these electric hoists are available in free or electric steering.

Electric hoists lifting speeds

The electric hoist brings an undeniable added value to your production tool by improving rate while ensuring users convenience. As standard electric hoists are equipped with dual-speed lifting: a slow one and a fast one range. A progressive variable speed option avoids users finger pain but also avoids motor overheating due to the inching operations.

Electric chain hoists

These electric hoists have a dedicated chain bag. Compact-size, they are suitable for heavy-duty lifting loads up to 20 m heigh.

Wire rope electric hoists

Wire rope electric hoists have a dedicated drum for winding the hoisting cable. They are suitable for very large lifting heights above 20 m. The load factor of these hoists makes them heavy-duty competitive.

Overload protection device

All our electric hoists are equipped with a friction torque limiter or load limiter and avoid any risk of overloaded operating.

Electric chain hoists options

  • Non standard main voltage and travelling speed
  • Radio control
  • Stainless steel chain, hook and roller
  • Electric steering trolley
  • Swiveling hoist
  • Large height version
  • Heavy-duty version
  • Marine version
  • ATEX version
  • Clean room special version
  • Food industry version
  • Moisture and harsh conditions protection