Motorized rotating system for lifting device

Rotating hoist trolley system for a safe swiveling load operation.

Lifting hoists and winches

How to manage remote swivelling load under hook ?

Our motorized rotation system is a lifting accessory that allows to rotate a load while suspended by 2 or 4 points. This rotation system mounted between the trolley and the hoist extends lifting span manoeuvre which allows standard lifting devices multiple swivel positioning possibilities.

Rotation electric motorization

Precision moving is given to the operator thanks to electric motorization assistance, avoiding risks induced by the inertia of the load. Motorized rotation significantly saves time operating and also contributes to ensure security of equipment from 50 kg to 2 tons during assembly and maintenance and materiel stocks management operations.

Rotating system for overhead gantry

After delivery, overhead gantries can be equipped with a load rotating system to complete the system versatility.

Load rotator

Electric load rotator is designed to rotate a hook or any kind of lifting device accessories such as clamps and spreader beams.

Motorized rotating system in video

Motorized rotating system options

  • Automation
  • Remote control
  • Special finish and paint
  • Outdoor use
  • Food industry version


Our motorized rotating systems are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.