Lifting clamps

Handling clamps for special loads gripping for complete safety operating.

Lifting clamps description

Special clamps are lifting accessories specifically designed to facilitate products gripping and to significantly optimize the workstations ergonomics. In any case, ADEI elaborates a design brief based on a comprehensive study of the operator's workstation. Thus, the special clamp dimensioning is an important criteria to achieve in a high level of integration a tool in the production line. According to our studies and the validation of the customer operating mode, the clamps are manufactured at our specific partners plants.

Lifting clamps options

  • Choice of manual, semi-automatic, automatic gripping device
  • Special paint finish
  • Guiding handles
  • Automatic or manual lock
  • Clamping jaw special coating
  • Protection device
  • Ergonomic equipments
  • Footprint optimization


Our lifting clamps are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.