Overhead gantry

2 x 10 ton capacity lifting overhead gantry with wire rope hoists

Overhead gantries specifications

Maximum load weight Span
4m 6m 8m 10m 12m Up to 12 m
1000 kg Custom made
1600 kg
2000 kg
2500 kg
3200 kg
4000 kg
5000 kg
Up to 5000 kg Custom made

Overhead gantry with crane runways description

Overhead gantry crane is composed by a beam and two end carriages with an electric chain or wire rope lifting hoist. The anchorage is specific for each customer and can be installed or suspended on the building structure, with or without adaptation on the steel structure. Longer workshops can be equipped a complete system consisting of several overhead gantries equipped with coupling devices.

Our range is divided into 2 families: overhead gantries laid or suspended over or under the crane runway in manual or motorized version. For large span and high lifting capacities, the end carriages use the monobeam, dual-beam or beam box type central beam.
 These overhead gantries fit perfectly to all, even the most difficult environments.

The overhead gantry made of I-beam or H-beam or box beam section can be equipped with electric wire rope or chain hoists and powered by an electric sconce or electric duct.

Overhead gantry radio/remote control

The optionnal HBC type radio control allows the user safely to handle loads with a large working autonomy without wired links.

Air overhead gantries

These versions of air overhead gantries meet the needs related to an aggressive environment defined on very precise specifications. More specifically, there are also versions of overhead gantries with air controls, hoisting - steering and translation.

End carriage kits and hoists for overhead gantries

Whether in France or for export, we also offer the supply of end carriage kits and hoists for overhead gantries. Please send us your requests.

Overhead gantries on structure

This device allows the installation of an outdoor overhead gantry or within existing buildings not designed to withstand the constraints of wall, frame or ceiling adaptations.

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Overhead gantries options

  • Special finish / paint
  • Large hoist range
  • Constant or variable speed
  • Headroom
  • Restricted area programming
  • Wireless radio controls
  • End stop
  • Special power supply
  • Electric case wiring
  • Cable reel
  • Outdoor use


Our overhead gantries are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.