Hand chain hoists

KITO, VERLINDE, YALE hand hists up to 10,000 kg lifting capacity

Hand hoists specifications

Type Capacity Construction
Standard hand hoist from 500kg
to 5 tons
Stainless steel
Ultralight hand hoist
Corrosion proof hand hoist
Full manual swivel body hoist
Short headroom hand hoists (HPR)
ECO hand hoist

Hand hoist description

Manual hoists are dedicated to one-off maintenance operations at fixed points or inboard working areas, available on corrosion-prof version for moist, saline environments, but also in ATEX explosive areas. We provide a wide range of standard hand hoists in painted steel, but also in aluminium and stainless steel versions.

Standard hand hoist

Palan manuel à chaîne standard

For one-off operations in low and medium corrosion areas.

Ultralight hand hoist

Palan manuel ultra-léger KITO CX

For repeated operations in working areas where the weight of the material to transport is very important.

Corrosion proof hand hoist

Palan manuel a chaîne anticorrosion

For operations in highly corrosive areas (saline environment / H2S) and food industry areas.

Full manual swivel body hoist

Palan manuel à chaîne avec carter orientable à 360°

For operations where the operator has to keep highly offset to the load and the hoist axis.

Short headroom hand hoists (HPR)

Chariot-palan manuel à chaîne avec hauteur perdue reduite HPR

For operations where equipment footprint must be kept to a minimum or as small as possible.

ATEX hand hoists 

Palan à chaîne pour zone ATEX

For operations in explosion hazardous area.

ECO hand hoist

Palan manuel à chaîne modèle économoque

When the customer wishes to optimize the cost of his equipment while keeping a one-off use.

Hand hoists specifications options

  • Chain bag
  • Stainless steel chain, hook and roller
  • Marine version
  • Stainless steel version
  • Clean room special version
  • Food industry version
  • Moisture and harsh conditions protection