Pneumatic air hoist

JD Neuhaus and Ingersoll Rand air hoist

Air hoists specifications

Progressive precision spotting for 125 kg to 100 tons lifting capacity

Air hoist description

The air hoist is a lifting device operated by compressed air. The air hoist is powered by an compressor which feeds air through a flexible hose. The air line is connected to an storage air bladder pressurized by the compressor. The load lifting and lowering is managed by a button or pull-button decentralized remote control.

How to do a high-precision lifting ?

The air hoists drawer control device ensure precision to the milimeter and progressive spotting lifting operations.

An ideal hoist for ATEX environments

The ai hoist is designed to be more durable than the electric hoist. Its compressed air lifting system can indeed withstand extended duty cycles without any risk of motor overheating. It is also insensitive to dust and moisture. It easily meets for these reasons the specific requirements of ATEX zones and extreme conditions environments.

Air hoists attachment

  • Mounted on a fixed ring with a suspended hook
  • Lifting device embedded such as a jib-crane or a structure: mounted on a sliding girder system coupled to a manual or air steering trolley

Air hoists options

  • Custom speed control
  • Radio control
  • Stainless steel chain, hook and roller
  • Electric steering trolley
  • Swiveling hoist
  • Large height version
  • Heavy-duty version
  • Marine version
  • ATEX version
  • Clean room special version
  • Food industry version
  • Moisture and harsh conditions protection


Our air hoists are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.