Lifting and hauling winch

Electric, air or manual winches up to 5000 kg

Lifting winches specifications

Type Capacity ATEX zone
Manual hoist 0 to 500kg No
Electric hoist 0 to 10T No
Pneumatic air hoist 0 to 5T Yes

Winch description

Winch is a lifting device designed to control mechanically the winding and unwinding on a hoist drum a wired rope intended to carry a load during lifting or handling operations. Manually lever winches are operated by turning a crank connected to a gearbox. Motorized winches are operated through a electrical or air powered mechanism control device which supplies the winding / unwinding wire rope. Depending on the configuration, winches or drums can be floor anchored or wall-mounted. They also have one or more wire rope outlets.

Electric winch description

Electic winches are motorized lifting devices. They are mounted on trolley adapted to running beam.

Manual winches

These galavanised or 316L stainless steel winches are mechanically operated by by turning a crank to ensure the winding and unwinding of a wire rope.

Air winches

Air winches are dedicated to harsh atmospheres as ATEX zones or marine sector, thanks to a flexible and high-precision use.

Overhead gantry winches

Overhead gantry winches are specificly designed. All their components are stand-alone: motors, brakes, drim, gearbox, mechanichal coupling system.

Hauling winches

Hauling winches are usually floor anchored.

Lifting winches options

  • Special chassis paint
  • Galvanization
  • Guidage of rope winding
  • Grooved drum
  • End stop
  • Load limiter
  • Rope pressure roller
  • Rope slack switch
  • Galvanized or stainless steel wire rope
  • Custom-made wire rope length
  • Electric, manual or air lifting
  • Custom-made lifting speed
  • ATEX version
  • Food industry version


Lifting and hauling winch are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.