Lifting monorails mounting

Straight monorail wall attachment or I-beam wall bracket

ADEI hangers

Suspente ADEI pour la fixation des monorails

ADEI hangers are designed to facilitate monorail assembly, installation and linear adjustment. This monorail hanger is equipped with a welded ring on each side allowing hooking of a lifting device dedicated to monorail height adjustment. The design of these hangers allows you to fine-tune the FORWARD/BACKWARD and RIGHT/LEFT settings.

  • steel hangers (with standard or specific paint)
  • galvanized steel hangers
  • stainless steel hangers 

Jack stands or columns

Chandelle ou colonnette pour la fixation et l'ancrage des monorails

Jack stands or columns allow the installation of a monorail in a congested area.

The height of the columns is calculated in such a way as to avoid any obstacles in the environment before the monorail is installed. Jack stands can be assembled with the ADEI hangers in order to set precise adjustments.

Wall-mount attachments

Sabot moral ou corbeau pour la fixation et l'ancrage des monorails

I-beam wall brackets are a wall angle mounting system. This type of fixing is particularly useful in cases where floor or ceiling mounting is impossible. 

The I-beam wall bracket is fixed by belting into the wall. Therefore the monorail is fixed by bolts and beamclamps on these supports.

Flat-welded fasteners

Fixation plat soudé pour et l'ancrage des monorails

A flat-welded fixing is a fixed connection for a monorail installed under a concrete slab. The affordable low cost and its improved headroom flat-welded fixing however requires during installation a anchors’ perfect alignment.

Halfen rails

Rail HALPHEN pour la fixation et l'ancrage des monorails

HALFEN rails are sealed in concrete slab fastening systems. Thus, the pre-positioned rails are the basis for attaching HALFEN bolts. During installations in the rail axes, the assembly has the advantage of allowing precise positioning. 

Advantages of HALPHEN rail mounting:

  • Processing speed (no belting)

  • Low headroom

Specific fasteners for ceiling or wall mounting

Because some handling problems present challenges of fixing and hanging, our design office also designs custom-made fixing devices.

Monorails and beams integrated into a lifting structure

ADEI designs and manufactures custom-made structures integrating lifting monorails and suspended beams. Depending on the environment and the specificities of your design brief, we offer you adapted equipment such as: monorail gantry crane on jib support, bridge crane monorail, double-rail gantry with overhead crane, double-rail gantry with suspension crane, fixed handling gantry crane.

Monorails mounting options

  • Standard or specific paint, special primer, sanding
  • Stainless steel version