Fixed handling gantry crane

Fixed gantry crane without wall, steel structure or ceiling adaptation.

Fixed gantry crane specifications

Capacity Span (m)
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Up to 10m
500 kg Custom made
800 kg
1000 kg
1600 kg
2000 kg
3200 kg
4000 kg
5000 kg
Up to 5000 kg Custom made

Fixed handling gantry crane description

This type of structure is a lifting system with 2 floor anchored feet holding a monorail beam.

Stand-alone gantry crane

The fixed gantry crane is a stand-alone lifting structure, free from building. The installation is made without any adaptation on walls, steel structure or ceiling. That structure needs to be floor chemical anchored in a minimum 160 mm depth concrete slab. That solution is perfectly adapted to building with variations in the ground levels.

Fixed gantry crane extensions

You can add additional equipment to follow the workstations evolution around this structure. It is thus possible to add one or more jib cranes mounted on the legs with the help of appropriate plates.

Custom-made fixed gantry crane

According to your design brief, our design department conceive a custom-made structure:

  • Height under beam (HSF)
  • Span
  • Overall height
  • Anchorage on several ground levels

Fixed gantry crane options

  • Type of anchorage choice
  • Electric or manual hoist
  • Moving device motorization
  • Wireless industrial rmote control
  • Special paint 
  • Corrosion protection: paint, galvanization, metallization
  • Mobile hollow steel beam
  • Mobile hollow aluminium beam
  • Outdoor covering
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Supply ducts
  • Galvanized or stainless steel power supply line
  • ATEX or food industry version
  • Full stainless steel 360L version