KITO ED mono-phased hoists

KITO ED lifting hoist

​KITO ED hoists description

The compact designed ED Series electric hoists are characterized by their lightness and versatility. Their low weight allows the operator to move them easily from one location to another. They are quick to operate thanks to a single-phase 220V power supply that provides from 60 kg to 480 kg lifting capacities.

In addition to being waterproof, dust and harsh weather conditions (IP54) protected, the EQS single-phase hoists integrate an overload protection and a upper and lower limit switch. 

KITO ED hoists are available in 2 versions: 1 lifting speed (single speed) or 2 lifting speeds (dual speed). An integrated control box potentiometer offers a speed adjustment.

​​The KITO ED serie hoists range

Palan KITO avec boite à boutonsED serie

Electric chain hoist with shock-resistant control switch
Maximum load capacity from 60 kg to 480 kg

ED06S | ED06ST | ED10S | ED10ST | ED16S | ED16ST | ED18S | ED18ST | ED24S | ED24ST | ED48S | ED48ST

Palan KITO EDC avec commande de levage au crochetEDC serie

Electric chain hoist with integrated control and speed adjustment potentiometer
Maximum load capacity from 60 kg to 240 kg


​KITO lifting chain

Nickel-plated hoist chains are specifically manufactured by KITO for its hoists. They offer increased strength, according to a special surface treatment which reduces wear and improves corrosion resistance.

Chain bag

The ED electric hoists are delivered as standard with a 3 m chain and a chain bag in rigid plastic for lifting height from 3m to 6 m. For higher lifting heights (15 m, 30 m, 71 m), a canvas or steel chain box is recommended (optional).

KITO ED hoists options

  • TMH 25 mini-trolley
  • TS model universal trolley: TSG steering trolley or TSP single trolley
  • Fabric chain bag up to 70m or steel box
  • Radio remote control