KITO lever hoists

KITO compact lever hoists

KITO lever hoists description

The KITO lever hoists are particularly compact designed. Featuring stepless click mechanism and a unique freewheel function with overload protection for a safe lifting. Lifting is done by operating a short, sturdy, ergonomic lever that makes it easy to use in narrow areas.

Ultralight KITO LX levers

Palan à levier ultraléger KITO LXThe KITO LX series are ultra-light lever hoists with an aluminium housing. The lightweight of the LX model allows the user to keep it within reach with the help of a carrying case attached to the belt. Furthermore, the lifting chain of this hoist is remarkably strong with a diameter of only 3,2 mm.

The hand lever has a length of only 150 mm, so that the LX hoist can be used in situations where there is no more avaible space.

For safety operating, a freewheel mechanism with fall protection engages the brake instantly as soon as the load is freewheeling.

Examples of use:

  • assembly of fragile parts
  • installation of specific devices
  • connection of control cabinets
  • handling of engines and gearboxes in car garages

KITO LB high-capacity lever hoists

Palan à levier KITO LB

The KITO LB is ideal for lifting with a combination of improved portability and precision work in confined spaces. These high capacity hoists have a steel housing which bears a double-reduction gearbox. They are supplied as standard with forged carbon steel hooks and a nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant lifting chain.

Safety is ensured by a unique freewheel mechanism with overload protection that makes it impossible an accidental fall of the load.

The short lever operates a stepless lift and thus allows for effortless handling.

Examples of use:

  • ship-building
  • pulling of sheet metal plates
  • assembly of steel beams

​The KITO lever hoists range

LX serie

Ultralight aluminium housing lever hoists
Capacities from 250 kg to 500 kg

LX003 | LX005

LB serie

Double-reduction gearing lever hoists
Capacities from 800 kg to 9 tons

LB008 | LB010 | LB016 | LB025 | LB032 | LB063 | LB090

KITO LX lever hoists options

  • Carrying case that can be attached to your belt (LX003)
  • Customized lifting heights

KITO LB lever hoists options

  • LB-OF without freewheel chain adjusting mechanism 

  • KITO Clip System: designed for use in combination with the lever hoist LB as a traction-assist device specifically for wire rope, for instance for horizontal pulling of loads and cargo, it cannot be used for slinging-type work.

  • Shipyard hook with security latch for pecial applications in shipbuilding and sheet metal forming

  • Chain locking device: offers a guard protecting the chain pin and nut from damage enhancing safety

  • KITO load signal: alerts the operator when the hoist is being used to lift loads exceeding the rated capacity. Alert is indicated by green signal changing to red, handle deflecting 15 degrees. 


KITO LX and KITO LB lever hoists are delivered with a CE conformity certificate.