KITO ER2 Three-phased Hoist

KITO ER2  2 speed lifting hoist with frequency inverter

KITO ER2 Hoist description

KITO's ER2 series electric hoists are renowned for their high level of safety, durability and ease of maintenance. Building on the success of the ER hoists, which were acclaimed for their reliability and durability, KITO has developed the ER2 range, which offers a smoother and quieter operation.

Safety is enhanced by the integration of an electromagnetic brake, thermal motor protection, friction limiter and upper-lower limit switches. These hoists also have a counter hours meter and work cycles to facilitate the monitoring of the equipment and the programming of its maintenance.

Standard configuration

The ER2 hoists are equipped as standard with a top hook with quick-release fastener, a durable aluminum body, a 3m lifting chain, a fabric chain box, an ergonomic push-button box, a 360° rotating lifting hook with safety latch, and an external motor fan.

Three-phase hoists with frequency inverter

The KITO ER2 hoists incorporate a variable frequency inverter which provides smooth starts and improved low speed stops. The inverter provides the operator with precise load spotting while limiting swaying.

The range of ER2 series hoists

The ER2 400 V - 50 Hz models are available in a range of single speed or dual speed hoists with from 125 kg to 20 tons capacities.

Palan KITO ER2 avec boite à boutons 1 vitesse de levageER2 single speed hoist

ER2-001H | ER2-003S | ER2-003H | ER2-005L | ER2-005S | ER2-010L | ER2-010S | ER2-016S | ER2-020L | ER2-020S | ER2-025S | ER2-032S | ER2-050S | ER2-100S | ER2-150S | ER2-200S

Palan KITO ER2 avec boite à boutons 2 vitesses de levageER2 dual speed hoists

ER2-001IH | ER2-003IS | ER2-003IH | ER2-005IL | ER2-005IS | ER2-010IL | ER2-010IS | ER2-016IS | ER2-020IL | ER2-020IS | ER2-025IS | ER2-032IS | ER2-050IS | ER2-100IS | ER2-150IS | ER2-200IS

Palan KITO CDER2 avec commande au crochet 1 vitesse de levageCDER2 single speed hoist with integrated control

ER2C001H | ER2C003S

Palan KITO CDER2 avec commande de levage au crochet 2 vitesses de levageCDER2 2 speed integrated control hoist

ER2C001IH | ER2C003IS

ER2M KITO hoists with motorized trolley

Palan KITO ER2M 1 ou 2 vitesses de levagePalans ER2 mono-vitesse

The three-phases ER2M hoists are available on single speed or dual speed versions and are dedicated to lifting or steering

ER2M-001 | ER2M-003 | ER2M-005 | ER2M-010 | ER2M-016 | ER2M-020 | ER2M-025 | ER2M-032 | ER2M-050

​ER2 hoists mounting

The ER2 series hoists are delivered with a top hook as standard. This hook can be replaced by an optional suspension strap compatible with hollow profile section hoist carts. 

The KITO ER2 models can be mounted on carts with manual thrust or motorized steering.

KITO lifting chain

Nickel-plated hoist chains are specifically manufactured by KITO for its hoists. They offer increased strength, according to a special surface treatment which reduces wear and improves corrosion resistance.

Chain bag

The ER2 electric hoists chain bag is available in rigid plastic (standard) or canvas (optional), attached by chain, by hook, or directly to the hoist cart.

KITO ER2 hoists options

  • Hoist cart motorized trolley
  • Hoist cart chain manual thrust steering trolley
  • Hoist cart chain manual thrust trolley
  • Electrical overload limiter
  • Steel chain bag
  • Additional electric brake combined to friction clutch
  • Radio remote control
  • 500 V / 50 Hz, 3PH version with contactor control
  • 220 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 3PH version
  • Programmable level limits
  • Overload charge sound alarm
  • Rubber bumpers for motorized trolleys
  • Continuously variable drive push button box