Clean Room hoists

KITO FER2 hoist for food industry & clean rooms

KITO FER2 hoists description

The KITO FER2 hoists have been designed to meet the specific requirements of handling in sectors demanding a maximum reliability and absolute tidiness: food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

The gearbox and hoist chains of these hoists are lubricated with NSF H1 compliant food grease and oil to ensure safety in the case of unintended contact with the products.

FER2 series food industry hoists range 

Electric 400V – 50Hz three-phased hoist with shock-proof button push pendant
Load capacity from 500 kg to 2 tons

FER2005L | FER2010L | FER2020L | FER2005LD/IL | FER2010LD/IL | FER2020LD/IL

FER2 hoist mounting

The FER2 series hoists are delivered as standard with suspension strap compatible with hollow profile section hoist carts. This strap can be can be replaced by an optional top hook.

The FER2 models can be mounted on carts with manual thrust or motorized steering.

KITO lifting chain

Nickel-plated hoist chains are specifically manufactured by KITO for its hoists. They offer increased strength, according to a special surface treatment which reduces wear and improves corrosion resistance.

Chain bag

The FER2 hoists are delivered as standard with a 3m chain and a chain fabric bag.

KITO FER2 hoists options

  • Rubber & stainless steel bumpers, nickel-plated on a soft strand limit stop
  • Rubber & stainless steel bumpers, nickel-plated limit stop on 0.5 tons and 1 ton models
  • Stainless steel spring and chain stop plate on 2 tons model
  • Stainless steel trolley wheels
  • Stainless steel guide rollers (MR2)
  • White epoxy coating
  • Nickel-plated suspension and axis
  • Hook hanging, single trolley or steering trolley for greater efficiency
  • Single speed or Dual speed motorized trolley for an improved load control
  • Rubber bumpers on motorized trolleys
  • Stainless steel or plastic chain bags
  • Silicone pendant cable protection
  • Mounting either crosswise or parallel (as standard) to the beam, convenient to narrow areas
  • Single or Dual lifting speeds
  • Customized lifting lengths for the lifting chain, push buttons pendant and power cable
  • Radio remote control
  • Customized torques


All KITO FER2 hoists are delivered with a CE conformity certificate.