EN 795B Fall-arrest post

Multi-exit fall-arrest post for staff safety and rescue

Fall arrest post specifications

Hanging Height Users
830 mm 1 to 3 users
1168 mm 1 to 3 users
1454 mm 1 to 3 users

Description of the fall-arrest post for the safety of personnel

The fall-arrest post is specifically designed to be used on top of electrical transformers or other types of vertical decks with potential fall risks of falls. Compact and lightweight (only 17.20 kg), this portable post is very easy to transport and install. 

The fall-arrest post is a device composed of a base and a telescopic post. Many types of bases are available to meet your needs in attachment and versatility components: steel bases to be anchored or welded or special anchoring component for ISO containers. The aluminium telescopic post is equipped on its upper part with 3 full rotating anchoring points which give the 3 operators a complete freedom of manoeuvre. Design allows overall height to be adjusted in 3 stages from 775mm to 1385mm. 

An horizontal levelling device with adjusting screws is provided at the base of the post and allows the equipment plumbing to be adjusted on slopes up to 15°. 

Fall arrest post assembly

1. Place the fall-arrest post on its base
2. Connect the fall-arrest, then the self-retracting lifeline, lanyard or temporary horizontal lifeline
3. Equip the operator with the safety harness (optionnal), adjust it and fasten it to the line

Fall arrest post options

  • Post extension up to 1740 mm
  • Conversion kit for rescue post
  • Carrying bag
  • Anchoring plate
  • Welding plate
  • IPN steel beam anchoring plate
  • Fall-arrest system
  • Self-retracting lifeline
  • Temporary lifeline
  • Rescue harness


Our fall-arrest posts are provided with a EN795-B conformity Certificate