FLEXIGUARD fall arrest structure

Modular 3M DBI-SALA Flexiguard M100 & M200 series fall arrest system and structure

​Description of the FLEXIGUARD fall arrest structure

The FLEXIGUARD fall arrest structure designed by 3M DBI-SALA provides a mobile overhead anchorage system which reduces fall hazards when working at height. Thanks to the multiple rail-length extensions, that system increases working area coverage. These fall arrest overhead systems allow you to secure 1 or 2 operators with a reach height up to 9.1m and 4.6m reach. 

Configure your own ideal fall arrest structure with a base or counterweight box, an adjustable height or semi-fixed mast, and a jib arm with aluminum rail. Adjustable height masts are easily adjusted using integrated crank winch or by using a power drill equipped with the optional overload clutch accessory. A mast rotation lock ensures safety operation. 

Structure antichute 3M FLEXIGUARD transportable avec chariot élévateur

The FLEXIGUARD M100 and M200 systems can be transported in one piece with a 2.5 ton forklift.

M100 FLEXIGUARD structures

The FLEXIGUARD M100 modular system enhances worker safety over a range of 2.3m reach through a height of 9.1m. The mast rotates on 270 degrees with a portable counterweight base or on 360 degrees with the floor bases (floor mounted bases or flush mounted bases) or with the outrigger base.

M200 FLEXIGUARD structures

The FLEXIGUARD M200 modular system enhances 1 or 2 workers safety over a range of 4.6m reach (1 operator) or over a range of 3.7m reach (2 operators) through a height of 9.1m. The mast rotates on 360 degrees with all the floor bases.

FLEXIGUARD system accessories and options

  • Adjustable height masts for 1 or 2 operators

  • Semi-fixed height masts for 1 or 2 operators

  • Portable counterweight with concrete filling

  • Portable counterweight with no concrete filling

  • Floor mounting base

  • Flush mounting base

  • Outrigger base

  • Smooth surface wheels kit

  • Forklift mast housing transport kit

  • Overload protection clutch

  • Stabilizer cylinder kit

  • Overload protection clutch

  • Counterweight box lifting ring kit

  • Fall-arrest recovery winch


All FLEXIGUARD fall-arrest systems comply with the EN 79: 2012 standard and are delivered with a CE conformity certificate.