Safety fall-arrest Davit

Staff rescue aluminium fall-arrest Davit

Fall-arrest Davit specifications

Span Height
735 mm from 1890 to 2880 mm
1090 mm from 2150 to 3230 mm

Fall-arrest Davit for staff safety

Fall-arrest Davit is a portable system consisting of a column and boom high quality aluminum made. The dismountable mast/jib assembly is on-site installed on a base plate or base. This lightweight and heavy-duty Davit swivels for easy rescue operation. The jib integrates a junction element with the mast, a height/range adjustment system, a set of pulleys and a shackle for attaching the fall-arrest device. Our Davit range offers two versions that differ in terms of offset.

  • Small offset fall-arrest Davit from 335 mm to 735 mm
  • Large offset fall-arrest Davit from 620 mm to 1090 mm

Fall-arrest Davit attachment kits, base plates and bases

A large range of attachment kits are available for adjustable offset fall-arrest Davit.

Fixed tie-off points

  • Floor base plates for chemical anchor
  • Seal or recess base plate
  • Wall base plate
  • Acroterion base plate

Mobile anchoring system

  • Counterweight mobile trolley
  • Dismountable stand-alone structure
  • Modular U-shape bracket

Fall-arrest Davit assembly

  1. Assemble the fall-arrest Davit elements
  2. Place the Davit on anchored base plate
  3. Install the fall-arrest device / rescue winch

It is recommended that a suspension winch be added for configurations without a rescue access point.

Adjustable mobile base footprint

  • Length from 940 to 1626 mm - Width from 1181 to 1270 mm or
  • Length from 1778 to 2464 mm - Width from 1740 to 1829 mm

Fall-arrest Davit options

  • Tie-off or nomadic anchoring system
  • Special height
  • Choice of span: small or large offset
  • Rescue winch
  • Hanging winch
  • Self-retracting fall-arrest device with embedded waterproof rescue winch
  • ATEX version

How to choose a fall-arrest Davit?

Stand-alone fall-arrest Davit on independent chassis are designed for access/rescue applications in confined spaces. The variable offset Davit can be equipped with winch or self-retracting reels. Mast extensions allow to increase the device overall height.

The base plates can be fixed directly to the floor, recessed or wall-mounted as well.

If it is not possible to attach base plates, we provide counterweight systems consisting of a central base module to receive all the anchoring and extension accessories. However, this option can only be operated in conjunction with low offset Davit.