Special spreader beams

Special spreader beam for ramp

Special spreader beams design and manufacture

In order to meet your specific requirements, our design office designs custom-made solutions for your special spreader beams.

Swivel spreader beam

The swivel hoist is used to drive the controlled orientation of the load. The motorized swivel device is a rotary hoist and trolley assembly for positioning a load by pivoting. The electric drive precisely helps the operator and saves a tremendous amount of time. The motorized rotation also make the equipment from 50 kg to 2 tons safier.

Ramp spreader beam

The Ramp spreader beam is a specially designed model by our engineering department. It allows the replacement of ramps located at the bottom of a 9 m deep pit thanks to an automatic lock and release device.

Special spreader beam with SEW USOCOME motors

To meet the best criteria in terms of reliability and performance, ADEI integrates into the design and manufacture of special spreader beams drive units and components by SEW-USOCOME.

  • Motorized spreader beam
  • Rotating spreader beam
  • Reel transfer spreader beam
  • Special monobeam spreader
  • Multi-spreader beams rigs
  • Spreader beam for ramp
  • Y-shape spreader beam
  • Special lifting spreader beam
  • Swivel device for spreader beam

Magnetic spreader beam in video

Ramp spreader beam in video

Special spreader beams option