Big bag spreader beam

Lifting spreader beams dedicated to big bag.  Steel, aluminium or stainless steel manufacturing.

Big bag spreader beam specifications

Maximum load weight 100 kg 250 kg 500 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg

Big bag spreader beam description

The big bag spreader beam is a specificly designed lifting accessory with special handles to provide a safe quick hanging/release. According to a low headroom, these spreader beams can be painted steel or stainless steel manufactured. The construction of this type of spreader beam is optimised to minimise the weight of the accessory.

Dedicated to the transport of bulk dry substance, the big bag is a large resistant bag delivered initially on a pallet. The handling of bigbags is standardised thanks to 4 straps which allow its easy and safe hanging with a dedicated spreader beam.

Big bag spreader beam options

  • Custom-made finish
  • Stainless steel version