PMI underbraced steel wall jib cranes

Underbraced IPE wall jib crane.

IPE rail underbraced wall jib crane specifications

Capacity Span
2,5m 3m 3,5m 4m 4,5m 5m 5,5m 6m 6,5m 7m 7,5m
150 kg
250 kg
500 kg
1000 kg
1600 kg    
2000 kg    
2500 kg        
3200 kg        
4000 kg        

PMI underbraced steel wall jib crane

Underbraced steel wall jib cranes is manufactured with an IPE profile bearing beam. It allows the installation of a manually or electrically steered hoist. The main asset of this jib crane is the headroom due to its underbraced type structure.

PMCIL hollow-profile, underbraced wall jib crane

That crane is dedicated to electric and air tools lifting and it is not recommended to lift any other loads. This lightweight underbraced jib crane rotation is 270° with a push travel mode on the load only.

Underbraced wall jib crane standard equipment

  • Standard mounting brackets
  • Polyurethane RAL 1028 yellow paint finish

Underbraced wall jib crane standard special mounting kit

Underbraced wall jib crane can be attached to your building steel structure using a special fixing kit:

  • mounting kit to belt on IPE, HE or HEB beam
  • mounting kit to belt on concrete post
  • mounting kit to clamp on IPE, HE or HEB beam

Important: the supply of a mounting kit does not engage our responsability about the strength of the post.

Underbraced wall jib crane options

  • Hoist power supply cable
  • Lockable main switch
  • Rotating slowing device (adaptable without mechanical or welding intervention)
  • Hot dip galvanizing (please contact us)
  • Rotation stops to weld onto the assembly
  • Locking rotation device 1 or multiposition
  • Outdoor use
  • Motorization
  • Electric or manual hoist