Standard gearmotors

SEW USOCOME gearmotor – series K

SEW USOCOME cylindrical-bevel gear unit ▸ R series

Motoréducteur à engrenages parallèles Serie R - SEW USOCOMESEW USOCOME cylindrical-bevel gear unit series R are avaible on 6 sizes for 1 stage model to 14 sizes for 2 and 3 stages models. You surely can find all the solutions for every application. The wide range of sizes and power proposed match every problematic.

Product number: R | RF | RX | RXF | RM (reinforced bearings)
Power range 0.12 KW to 160 KW 
Output torque up to 18 000 Nm
Speed range 0.06 to 799 rpm

Parallel-shaft gearmotor ▸ F series

Motoréducteur à arbres parallèles Serie F - SEW USOCOMESEW USOCOME parallel-shaft gearmotor. Very useful in small and confined areas thanks to their compacity.

Product number: F | FA | FF | FT | FAF | FAZ | FH | FV | FVF
Power range 0.12 KW to 200 KW 
Output torque up to 18 000 Nm
Speed range 0.06 to 655 rpm

Helical-bevel gearmotor ▸ K series

Motoréducteur à couple conique Serie K - SEW USOCOMESEW USOCOME helical-bevel gearmotor. They have an efficiency up to 96% regardless of torque direction and input speed. Thanks to their solid and robust manufacturing, their lifespan is longer than average.

Product number: K | KA | KH | KV | KT | KAF | KAZ | KHF | KVF
Power range 0.12 KW to 200 KW 
Output torque up to 50 000 Nm
Speed range 0.06 to 354 rpm

Helical-worm gearmotor ▸ S series

Motoréducteur à vis sans fin Serie S - SEW USOCOMESEW USOCOME wheel and helical-bevel gearmotor are affordable, allow high permitted overhung loads and are low-noise operating. Suitable to all sectors operations.

Product number: S | SA | SH | ST | SAF | SHF | SHZ
Power range 0.12 KW to 22 KW 
Output torque up to 4 200 Nm
Speed range 0.12 to 350 rpm

Spiroplan right-angle gearmotors ▸ W series

Motoréducteur Spiroplan Serie W - SEW USOCOMESPIROPLAN SEW USOCOME are right-angle gearmotors with spiral gearing. They are robust, low-noise operating and affordable. Thanks to their aluminium housing, they are lightweight and don’t wear off. These models have a life-long lubrication.

Product number: W | WF | WA | WH | WT | WAF
Power range 0.9 KW to 2.2 KW 
Output torque up to 119 Nm
Speed range 17 to 438 rpm

Industrial gear units

2, 3 and 4 stages configuration
Nominal torque from 6.8 to 175 kNm
Parallel-shaft, orthogonal-shaft or planetary gearmotor

Stainless steel gearmotors

Reducteur en acier inoxidable - SEW USOCOMEProduct number: KES37 | RES37
Flexible use in moisture areas

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