Drive inverters

SEW USOCOME drive inverters

Lifting operation drive and frequency inverters description

Frequency inverters are electronic devices that let you control the speed of an three-phase motor.

In the case of direct supply from an AC voltage network, electrical machines or three-phase motors only have a fixed speed. The installation of a frequency converter makes it possible to deliver an AC voltage that varies in amplitude (output voltage level) and frequency from a constant AC voltage.

If electric motors or AC motors are operated directly from an AC voltage supply system, they can only avail of a fixed speed. Installation of frequency inverters can generate an AC voltage that is variable in amplitude (the output voltage level) and frequency from a constant AC voltage. Connected upstream of a motor, the frequency inverter takes controls the output frequency and output voltage. You can change the speed of a motor from practically zero to your required nominal speed and have access to a significantly greater speed range.

A frequency inverter also allows you to directly switch the direction of rotation. A simple control command is sufficient to change the phase sequence. The downstream AC motor then turns in the opposite direction.

Drive and frequency inverters installation

These lifting speed inverters are designed for control cabinet, wall mounting or decentalized installation.

Inverters for hoists and overhead gantries

The hoist and overhead gantry inverters allows automatic adaptation of lifting and steering speeds. Thanks to these devices, plant operators are considerably able to reduce installation times and have several possibilities for designing their plants in a modular way and independently of the control cabinet.

Frequency inverters for control cabinet installation

 From basic inverters to standard inverters or application inverters, to modular servo inverters, we offer you an extensive range of drive electronics for centralized installation.

  • MOVITRAC® LTE-B basic inverters
  • Standard inverters MOVITRAC® LTP-B
  • MOVITRAC® B standard inverters
  • MOVIDRIVE® B application inverters
  • MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter
  • MOVIDRIVE® MDR regenerative power supply

Frequency inverters for wall mounting

Lower-priced option for centrally installing frequency inverters is wall mounting if you wish to avoid to buy an expensive control cabinet. Our frequency inverters are suitably designed with a degree of protection from IP 54 to IP 66 (for dusty and damp ambient conditions).

  • MOVI4R-U® basic inverter in IP 54
  • MOVITRAC® LTE-B basic inverter in IP 66
  • MOVITRAC® LTP-B standard inverter in IP 55 or IP66

Motor starters for decentralized installation

Les démarreurs-moteurs SEW USOCOME sont destinée à la simple fonction de marche/'arrêt d'un moteur ou changer le sens de rotation.

  • MOVIFIT® compact basic motor starter
  • MOVI‑SWITCH® motor starter
  • MOVIFIT® SC motor starter

Frequency inverters for decentralized installation

We provide an extensive range of frequency inverters for mounting your drive electronics close to the motor or gearmotor: basic inverters with parameterizable ramps / fully programmable application inverters for complex system architectures / standard inverters for more extensive control functions / multi-axis servo inverters with multi-axis movements with linked machine modules.

  • MOVIFIT® basic inverter
  • MOVIMOT® standard inverters
  • MOVIFIT® MC distributors– classic: for MOVIMOT®
  • MOVIFIT® MC controller – technology: for MOVIMOT®
  • MOVIFIT® FC standard inverters – classic
  • MOVIPRO®-SDC decentralized standard inverters
  • MOVIFIT® FC application inverters – technology
  • MOVIPRO® ADC decentralized application inverter


SEW-USOCOME drive inverters are provided with a CE conformity Certificate

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