IEC motors

Large range of electric SEW USOCOME motors

SEW-USOCOME electric motors

SEW-USOCOME Electric motors are available from 0.09 kW to 225 kW power rating according to IE1 to IE4 efficiency range.

Besides their french-quality manufacturing, the main asset for market requirements is a modularity operating: brakes, forced air cooling, encoders, connectors, sensors and special coatings.

AC motors

Moteur SEW USOCOME asynchrone ou synchroneAsynchronous motors.

  • single-speed, 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles
  • dual-speed, 4/2-pole, 8/2-pole, 6 or 8/4-poles
  • 230/400 V voltage and 400/690 V voltage – other voltages available on request 
  • surface protection from OS1 to OS4 dedicated to agressive environments

SEW-Usocome brakemotors

Moteur frein SEW USOCOME avec bobinesSEW-USOCOME brakemotors available in all power range and adapted voltages.

The BE brake is a DC-operated plate brake. The disengaging function is done by electromagnetic device and released by spring force. The operating principle is based on SEW dual-coil braking system. The brake is powerd by a brake rectifier integrated to the terminal box or to the controle cabinet.

SEW-Usocome servo drive

Servomoteur SEW USOCOME SEW-USOCOME brakemotors available in all power range and adapted voltages. 

In order to ensure all highly specific servo applications, SEW has developed a dedicated modular concept. Choose for a compact, powerful, low-inertia servo motor for a wide range of applications to deliver reliable standstill torques

  • three synchronous series
  • one asynchronous sery

ATEX explosion-proof motors

Moteur execution zone ATEX SEW USOCOME The motors used in EDR potentially explosive atmospheres comply with the ATEX, IECEx or HazLoc-NA® rule sets. They offer all guarantee your installations safety. ADR motors are available in 13 sizes.

How to get your SEW USOCOME price list ?

As a SEW USOCOME partner, ADEI proposes motors alone or IEC 4-pole three-phase with brake, from 0.75 kW to 11 kW with B5 (FF) flange or B3 (FI) fixing bracket.
According to SEW recognation for our know-how, we offer you:
  •  Responsive and reliable local service
  • Spare parts fast supply
  • Available stock of material 
  • Trained and informed advisors on SEW-USOCOME product innovations
  • 24h-delivery time

ADEI / SEW USOCOME Partnership presentation

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SEW USOCOME motors are provided with a CE conformity Certificate.

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