SEW Usocome spare parts

Identification, order and delivery of SEW spare parts

24h delivery spare parts

Benefit from a stock of SEW USOCOME spare parts and a responsive support network in close cooperation with the factory.

  1. Spare parts precise identification from the serial number label
  2. Confirmation of the components delivery and recommendations by an expert
  3. Delivery in Metropolitan France within 24 / 48 hours for an order confirmed before noon. 

SEW USOCOME spare parts service

  • Provision of original SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts 
  • Provision of dicontinued SEW-EURODRIVE spare parts with customer requirements
  • Provision of technical documents
  • Advice on material replacement or modifications
  • Provision of customer-specific spare parts package or complete packages
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Spare parts identification on customer request
  • Convenient search and spare parts ordering in Online Support

BE brake repair kit

Plan de structure des freins BE05 - BE02

SEW-EURODRIVE offers the BE brake repair kit for service work to be performed by customers themselves on brakes of the BE series. It is available in nine versions for sizes BE05 to BE30 and is intended for installation in DR motors. The repair kit includes all parts required for preventative maintenance and repair of the respective brake type.The individual components are packed in a 100% recycled paperboard packaging, and are delivered together with a manual provided as hard copy and as CD. The CD contains the manual in the most common languages.

Repair Kit Designation For Motor Size Product Code
BE05A / BE1A DR.71 17904005
BE05B / BE1B / BE1C DR.80 and D.R90 17904013
BE2 DR.80, DR.90 et DR.100 17904021
BE5A DR.90 et DR.100 17904048
BE5B DR.112 et DR.132 17904056
BE11A DR.112 et DR.132 17904064
BE11A DR.112 et DR.132 17904064
BE11B DR.160 17904072
BE20 DR.160 and DR.180 17904080
BE30 DR.180, DR.200 and DR.225 17904099

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