Custom-made rotating hoist

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Design and manufacturing of a rotating hoist under trolley and a big bag spreader beam 

Rotating hoist

Customer’s challenge

Enable big bag handling by integrating the notion of bag guidance.

ADEI solution

  • We designed and manufactured hoist trolley and rotating spreader beam special unit.
  • low headroom trolley enbedded in the existing structure
  • rotating device mounted between the trolley and the hoist with a 90° rotation stop and electric rotation limit switch
  • the rotation is electrically driven by a SEW USOCOME gearmotor and gear ring unit
  • big bag hoist hung under two strands of chain
  • control unit by a 2.4 GHz radio control 

A word from the engineer

In order to satisfy this type of specific request, our research department innovates and designs custom-made lifting equipment as soon as possible.

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