Articulated wall jib cranes

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Custom-made design and manufacturing device for centrifuge motor maintenance. 

Articulated wall jib cranes integrated to a lifting structure.

Customer’s challenge

In the sewage treatment plant managed by our customer, a defect in the design brief appeared on delivery of the installations. As a matter of fact, the monorail beam that had been installed above a centrifuge was found to be too short to carry out the motor replacement. How to carry out the lifting, rotating and depositing nearby the centrifuge in this space limited in width and height ?

The installation of a standard lifting jib crane could not be considered. On the other hand, the lifting axis (between the two posts) and the available height (monorail at the top) did not allow the positioning of a standard hoist.

ADEI solution

We managed to design a custom-made articulated wall jib crane:

  • Articulation on 2 axes for an easy rotation according to the hoist lifting axis positioning. 
  • Very low headroom due to its elevated boom 
  • Belting fixing kit to an existing structure 
  • KITO CX ultralightweight manual hoist 

A word from the engineer

Precisely sized and fixed to the present structure, this articulated wall jib crane is perfectly integrated into the existing lifting structure.

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