250 kg load capacity workshop jib crane

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Enduring and reliable equipment for lifting and handling. 

250 kg load capacity workshop jib crane for indrustrial plants

Customer’s challenge

As french leader in design of products, mills and tools for the plastics industry, our client was looking for solutions to improve supply ergonomics, control and maintenance operations.

ADEI solution

According to a study in all its requests, our design office analysed that the different design briefs presented interesting similarities. Moreover, the organisation of this production structure allowed us to condider mutualisation of a both mobile and versatile lifting device. ADEI thus highlighted the interest of using a cantilever workshop jib crane for the replacement of machinery (vices and machining chucks) but also for the mills handling on the set-up, finishing and inspection tables.

A word from the engineer

The 250 kg capacity ITI cantilever workshop crane was chosen for the progressiveness of its actuator ensuring accurate and safe positioning of parts on machine tools or checking surface.

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