Special clamp and magnetic spreader beam

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2 workstations design for steel bars handling

Special clamp and magnetic spreader beam

Customer’s challenge

The loading of more than 50kg weight steel bars was carried out manually by 2 people on our customer's two milling benches. This handling operation presented risks of injury in addition to a significant low productivity factor.

ADEI solution

We designed, manufactured and installed two hollow-profile steel overbraced jib crane adapted to the workstations configuration and located at the rear and side of the machines. 

  • PFTC hollow-profile jib cranes with rotating stops in order to avoid interaction with wire ropes, pipes and other control cabins located in the vicinity. 
  • steel hollow rail jib with hoist trolley rollers nylon mounted on ball bearing 

The electric hoist provides 2 lifting speed: 

  • fast speed for hooking and lifting
  • slow approach speed for loading

We have complemented our offer with a special clamshell and a spreader beam with magnetic lifters delivery.

A word from the engineer

The operators can work alone and effortlessly to load and position steel bars thanks to that combination of special clamshell and spreader beam with magnetic lifters.

This solution improves productivity by providing very flexible and effortless load movement while significantly reducing the risk of accidents and labour disruption due to MSDs (MusculoSkeletal Disorders - in French : TMS).

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