2 new monorails

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2 rusty monorails replacement located in sewage plant basement (STEP).

250 kg load capacity straight monorails with a corosion-proof paint finish

Customer’s challenge

Two hollow-shaped beams have been disabled because they show a high advanced state of corrosion. These beams, fixed under concrete slab upstream ponds presented a high state of corrosion due to the agressive atmosphere. The customer wished to replace these rusty lifting devices.

ADEI solution

We designed, manufactured and installed two straight corrosion-proof beams:

  • Maximum load weight: 250 kg
  • IPE European I-beam manufacturing
  • Corrosion-proof powder coating
  • Anchoring under a concrete slab with ADEI hangers for a precise rail positionning
  • Rubber end stops 

A word from the engineer

Hollow-beam profile in not suitable to an installation in a moisture environment.

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