Adjustable spreader beam for reels

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Custom-made adjustable spreader beam design and manufacture

Adjustable spreader beam for reels with inclinometers and specific hooks

Customer’s challenge

The manufacturing process of Securit® glass requires a plastic film reels supply. Our customer wished to equip its production line with a single spreader beam for handling all sizes reels.

ADEI solution

We design and manufacture a custom-made spreader beam wich fits to all types of reel. That versatile adjustable spreader beam has a 300 kg load capacity and allows to set a proper load balance by correcting the centre of gravity and realign the shackle.

An inclinometer is enbedded in the beam to guide the operator during the adjustment operation. The reels are hooked by specific open hooks located under the spreader beam.

That spreader beam has been under load tested on a 100 tons test machine.

A word from the engineer

Our client has now a high-performance, safety operator optimized spreader beam.

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