2x10 ton overhead gantry crane

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Overhead gantry crane design and manufacture for the sewage treatment plant (STEP)

Electric hoists assembly on a overhead gantry

Customer’s challenge

The designers of the Cagnes-sur-Mer (France) new sewage treatment plant wished to integrate an overhead ganrtry crane dedicated to handle the hooklift containers equipped with handling trunnions. The overhead gantry crane shall allow balanced lifting at the 2 lift points located at the ends of the containers.

ADEI solution

Custom-made overhead gantry crane manufacturing:
- Box-shape monobeam 
- 2 tandem hoist with 10 tons load capacity each
- 13 m span
- corrosion-proof special paint finish – see picture 7
- radio control

A word from the engineer

This custom-made overhead gantry crane has been assembled and tested in our electrical implementation hall (commissioning and unladen test)

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