Special ramp spreader beam

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Design, manufacturing and installation of a special ramp spreader beam 

Ramp spreader beam with adjustable centre of gravity

Customer’s challenge

When SUEZ Ltd designed a new sewage treatment plant in the Paris region, it integrated the SOFTAZUR C system to solve the problem of hardness of the water (calcium rate). The treatment pit is equipped with ramps of 9m depth submerged injection nozzles. How to raise the ramps strictly horizontally during maintenance operations?

The ADEI solution

Our design office designed a custom-made horizontal lifting solution:

  • Special 250kg load capacity lifting spreader beam with mechanical adjustment of the centre of gravity. 
  • Integration of a SEW Usocome motor unit 
  • Dual winding drums equipped with upper and lower limit switches 
  • Stainless steel wire ropes and bolts 
  • IP55 corrosion protection 

To avoid the risk of wire ropes to fall into the pit, wall-mounted anchoring plates have been manufactured and installed vertically on each ramp.

A overhead gantry ensures the precise positioning of the special spreader beam. When not in use for maintenance operations, the spreader beam is stored near the pit on fixed trestles.

A word from the engineer

This special spreader beam was designed according to the customer’s special specifications who wanted to guarantee perfectly horizontal lifting. Its technical characteristics give it all the assets for a fast and safe implementation in moist environments.

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