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Design and manufacturing of an ATEX jib crane, trolley and hoist set dedicated to the Reyran sewage treatment plant gasometer

Customer’s challenge

Located on the banks of the Reyran River in Fréjus (France), the Reyran STEP (Sewage treatment plant) has been treating sewage from the municipalities of Saint-Raphaël and Fréjus since 1970. The Reyran sewage treatment plant is in 2017 equipped with a digester designed to transform part of the plant's sludge into green energy. The aim is to produce 500,000 m³ of biogas. The gas is stored in a gasometer located near the plant's digester. 

The devices used to purge the gasometer are gathered in a pit and require the installation of an ATEX-compliant lifting device to ensure maintenance.

The ADEI solution

Design and manufacturing of an ATEX pillar jib crane.

  • Max. load weight: 150 kg
  • Span: 2 m
  • Height under beam: 3 m
  • 270° partial rotation
  • Multi-positions adjustable rotation stops
  • Plate for 400 x 400 chemical anchors + stainless steel belting kit included
  • Overall weight: about 200 kg
  • Stainlesss steel rotating axis
  • Waterproof axis cover
  • 1 pillar mooring ring
  • Single-position rotation lock
  • 4 layers RAL 1028 polyurethane paint finish with epoxy primer
  • ATEX ZONE 2 hoist trolley
  • Ex II 2 GD c IIC T4 T+135°c certification
  • ATEX chain manual hoist with 2.5m lifting range

A word from the engineer

This ATEX jib crane complies with the quality and safety requirements recommended in the gasometer plant environment. It thus contributes to the sewage treatment plant biogas production process.

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