Aluminium movable jib crane

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One single jib crane for multiple location 

Aluminium LEVO jib crane installed in a sewage treatment plant

ADEI innovates

Because you cannot always be close to the load, or to approach it with a forklift or other means of handling, our LEVO dismountable aluminium jib crane, thanks to its lightness, is very easy to transport from one station to another.

One single jib crane for multiple location

The installation of several bases on the same site allows the LEVO to be used on several locations. This jib crane is designed for indoor or outdoor use with a wide range of subbases:

  • floor base
  • chemical anchor base
  • wall mounting 

> Discover the LEVO mobile aluminium jib crane 

A word from the engineer

Choose for portability and install several LEVO subbases to optimise handling during maintenance operations.

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