Spreader beam with foldable arms

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Increased productivity and more storage space for EDF Nuclear division

Special spreader beam with foldable arms

Customer’s challenge

The previous spreader beam occupied the entire 17m2 surface of the storage area, avoiding any movement of machine (lack of space) or people (risk of falling) within its perimeter.

ADEI solution

We designed a new the spreader beam to save space in order to allow safe surrounding circulation.

It was equipped with folding mobile arms : in folded position, its geometry allows to reduce considerably the storage area within only 5m2.

Characteristics of the special spreader beam

  • Overall 4400 kg load capacity distributed over the hooking points 
  • Dimensions with unfolded arms = 3960 x 4655 mm 
  • Dimensions with folded arms = 6000 x 900 mm 

A word from the engineer

ADEI has solved a storage surface problem for EDF Nuclear division by designing this special spreader equipped with folding arms.

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