Custom-made jib crane

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A big jib crane at the Meribel ski resort small room 

That custom-made articulated pillar jib crane has been installed in a confined space

Customer’s challenge

The managers of the Meribel (France) sewage treatment plant identified that a lifting device had been forgotten by the plant’s designers. Indeed, the maintenance team did not have any lifting solution for the replacement of 2 groups of motor pumps installed in a wooden structure building. Any calculations for frame strength had integrated the installation of a monorail. Furthermore it could be noted that this technical room presented multiple space constraints.

ADEI solution

Design, supply and installation of an underbraced pillar jib crane.

  • 700kg max load capacity PFI jib crane
  • 4m span
  • Custom-made dimensions to take into account the ceiling height and the footprint
  • Special base plate
  • Corrosion-proof coating

A word from the engineer

This custom-made jib crane designed and manufactured in short time was a memorable challenge right up to the last meter as our technicians had to deal with a delivery on ice-covered ground during winter.

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