New sewage treatment plant in Vienne

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ADEI wins the bid for Vienne sewage treatment plant site 

Installation of lifting devices on Vienne sewage treatment plant

Customer’s challenge

Our client was looking for a discussion partner able to go along with him on several levels in the creation process of a sewage treatment plant for the city of Vienna (France). This programme lasted more than two years and was based on a wide range of design, manufacture and installation skills of lifting equipment.

ADEI solution

ADEI won the bid for this large-scale project and committed all the necessary resources to meet all the design brief, expectations and constraints of the plant programme specifications.

Many challenges were thus met, such as the design, manufacture and installation of a single lifting structure for the canisters and big bags emptying and filling This bridge crane monorail is a good example of the innovative capacity of our lifting design office. 

A word from the engineer

Our teams were able to work in synergy to deliver high-performance and sustainable lifting solutions in taking part in this programme to create a sewage treatment plant for a town of 30,000 inhabitants.

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