Special lifting clamp

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Special lifting clamp design and manufacturing in order to develop a plastics workstation. 

Mechanical special clamp installed on an hollow-beam articulated pillar jib crane

Customer’s challenge

A production workshop located in the Ain (France) provides two models of parts by exchanging the mills of the injection moulding machines. Initially carried out by a man, this operation consisted to position at arm's length the 14 kg weighing mills in the press.

ADEI solution

We designed an ergonomic lifting system to allow female staff to change the moulds about twice a week and ensure safe perfect vertical lifting.List of equipment

  • Lifting clamp equipped with locks in pick-up and drop-off position + mechanical indexing pin 
  • 63 Kg max load capacity electric chain hoist
  • 60 Kg max load capacity steel hollow beam pillar jib crane equipped with adjustable rotation stops 
  • Installation and approval by an certified body 

A word from the engineer

The lifting clamp was first delivered without paint coating in order to test on site the technical choices’ relevance. The multiple exchanges between the design office and the CHSCT (Comité d’Hygiène, de Sécurité et de Conditions de Travail - Committee for Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions) representative made it possible to improve the logic and ergonomics design. The final version of this lifting clamp was equipped with handles to secure grip in the hand.

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