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Installation of a second overhead gantry on Marseilles’ sewage treatment plant 

Design and manufacturing of the second overhead gantry cranes on Marseilles’ sewage treatment

Customer’s challenge

During the modernization of the sewage treatment plant located under the Velodrome Stadium in Marseilles (France), a new network dredging clamshell device was designed. This system requires two overhead gantry cranes for handling and clamshell sludge disposal.

The previous request was to add a second overhead gantry crane in order to double the existing runway. The sewage treatment plant is otherwise underground located and we need to solve the problem to bring in the new overhead gantry crane by an surface access hatch in the car park at the opposite the Velodrome stadium ticket office.

ADEI solution

During his site survey, our technician found that this crane runway would perfectly support the new bridge integration and the customer therefore saved a heavy-duty operation requiring a production shutdown. We therefore designed a 13m overhead gantry crane whose characteristics were studied to facilitate its access through the surface hatch with the help of a lifting crane. The kinematics of the installation was carried out by our design office.

Once installed on the previous runway, this new semi-automatic equipment allows a single operator to launch one or more bigbag supply cycles from a centralized control united located in a stainless steel cabinet.

A word from the engineer

This project is a practical example in which technical advice reduces the overall cost of a project.

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