Special clamp for foam block

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Design, manufacturing and assembly of a special custom-made lifting clamp 

Aluminum hollow-profile overbraced wall jib crane – Mechanical special clamp and electric hoist

Customer’s challenge

The operator originally handled by hand 30kg blocks of resin at the supply station. In order to improve productivity and reduce the risk of MSDs, our customer envisaged a solution by equipping the station with a suction cup lifting device mounted on a steel crane.

ADEI solution

Our technical department demonstrated during the study of this case that an alternative solution provide more advantages in terms of ergonomics and cost. That solution is three times more economical than the suction cup lifting deviceand consists of an aluminum hollow-profile overbraced wall jib crane equipped with a special mechanical clamp coupled to an electric hoist:

  • 50kg load capacity aluminium hollow-profile overbraced wall jib crane 
  • Special mechanical clamp for resin block
  • Fast lifting speed electric hoist

A word from the engineer

This innovative solution demonstrates the possibility to combine ergonomics, productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

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