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« Les cahiers de l’Environnement » Issue // 4th quarter, 2016, Section: Lifting equipment p. 8 & 9

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ADEI Ltd: suitable lifting solutions

 The ADEI company

ADEI is a family and independent company, established in 1984 in Meyzieu in the Lyon region, France. Initially intended for the maintenance and servicing of overhead cranes and industrial electrical troubleshooting, customer services quickly extended to the study, design, supply, installation and approval of comprehensive projects "turnkey" delivered. The refined selection of its subcontractors, the independence and self-appointment of its design office, its methods, maintenance and automation department, today enable ADEI to offer a relevant analysis suitable to the needs of its customers.

 The company today

Thanks to the creation of a sales department combining in the field experience and a young staff, the company sees its increasing progress due to its position as supplier partner in the sewage plant sector. It represents 60% of its activity and 30% of the turnover through a very strong progression in the industrial sector too. The maintenance and sale of motors and gearmotors according to a partnership with SEW USOCOME Ltd represents for 10% turnover. The sale of installation products and services, including approval by certified bodies, played a considerable role in this development, which rose from 1.5 million euros in 2009 to 2.4 million euros in 2015.

 Efficiency and responsiveness: ADEI's keywords

Thanks to this commercial joint, ADEI invokes a better promotion with efficient communication tools: a reviewed and improved day by day website, enriched with descriptive videos and visual technical documentations. After studying the design brief in collaboration with the different services of its client, ADEI refines and proposes economically adapted solutions with one aim: the satisfaction of the client and the continuation of the commercial relations.

 An innovative company

The aluminium manufacturing is more and more present in the construction of handling devices, jib cranes, gantry cranes and spreaders and offers flexibility to rough terrain and multiple advantages:

Portability and installation: the LEVO aluminium jib crane can be assembled and dismounted in less than a minute. It is delivered with a transport bag and weighs only 24 kg for the hoist version and fits perfectly into the technician's standard tool kit. The operator attaches the base plate(s) to adapt to the challenges and problems in the field. According to these cases, ADEI proposes bases fixed to the ground, wall-mounted or to be chemical anchored.

Environment: Aluminium is a lightweight, recyclable material and replaces steel, thus reduces carbon footprint. Product provide no visual pollution: jib cranes and gantry cranes are installed, used and immediately removed after the maintenance operation. The landscape is therefore totally preserved. The range of LEVO aluminium jib cranes extends from 600 kg load capacity to 1200 mm span at the end of the jib - 300 Kg load capacity in 2000 mm span and 500 kg load capacity in 1500 mm span. The latter is the most commonly used. Savings: why renting a crane or buying a fixed permanent jib crane that will only be used once or twice a year?
Let's take the example of terraced handling operations at the top of a building: the cost of renting a crane can vary between €1,000 and €2,000 (depending on the models and requirements). The LEVO aluminium jib crane costs €2,000 with 1 floor base. However, it is definitely yours and all you can cover all your needs with anchoring in place suitable bases.

Watch our jib crane videos on our website or directly to the following links: and

 The specificity of ADEI

Far from the inertia of large groups, ADEI consolidate in 2016 its position as handling specialist while ensuring an undeniable level of technical performance. For more than 30 years, ADEI has accompanied and advised its customers throughout their projects.

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