Full stainless steel spreader beam

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H-type full 316L stainless steel spreader beam for satellite handling 

Adjustable stainless steel spreader beam

Customer’s challenge

Our space sector client wanted to solve a lifting problem in the final phase of the preparing to the orbit phasing. The chosen device had to comply with clean room regulations. How to install a satellite in the rocket payload fairing?

ADEI solution

The customer had demanded a very high level manufacturing technicality process and this, in the greatest respect of its design brief. The technical exchanges between our design offices enabled us to reach the point of a finished product: equipment perfectly adapted to the constraints of the aeronautical industry.

  • PALHR model adjustable H-shape spreader beam
  • Stainless steel 361L manufacturing
  • 3tons max. load capacity

A word from the engineer

Our design office conceived this adjustable stainless steel spreader beam in compliance with all the constraints prevailing in the aerospace sector.

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